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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 1 November 2020

Wallzoe today announces the newest product in our family of social posting software. Wallzoe® 3.2.1, is available immediately. Wallzoe features are designed to help your team promote your business by streamlining the social posting process, saving you time and money.

Simply log into a single convenient web based dashboard for easy access to all your personal and team accounts – Facebook , Instagram , Linked and Twitter . Wallzoe is ideal for individuals and small businesses who’ll benefit from a simplified but structured social publishing strategy. As your social presence grows, so will your business. Wallzoe is fully scalable and will grow with you.

Even when your team is working apart, Wallzoe works for your business. When you can’t be in the same place at the same time, we’ll bring your teams together. Give your team flexibility by providing the tools to schedule social posting. Take advantage of the best times to post and your social presence will get more attention. Your team can coordinate posting and increase audience engagement by utilizing the Scheduling/Calendar feature.

Manage social media accounts seamlessly when you WFH and you’ll have flexibility to plan your posting schedule for best results. (shhh, Wallzoe even works while you sleep) Be more productive and effortlessly post in real time or schedule posts with the newly enhanced calendar feature. While you work from home (shhh, or anywhere) with our unattended posting, you’ll effortlessly push out more content.

Wallzoe makes your posts POP, thanks to our built in photo editor. Keep your content fresh! Save time and steps with Wallzoe as you edit and post directly to Instagram within one application. Bloggers just love 💖 the photo editing feature, which now includes spray tan and teeth whitening. The photo editing features saves time, and quickly and easily enhances your content before going live.

Wallzoe offers a simple solution which can be implemented quickly and seamlessly. Organizing and delivering content using posting and editing tools, together with team collaboration, will set your business apart. Bring your team together, support remote workers, and grow your audience engagement. Let Wallzoe work for your business. The rest is easy.

Wallzoe 3.2.1 is a web based platform and is available for a 14 day, no charge test. Plans currently available for 5 to 50 social media logins.