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Wallzoe ® provides streamlined posting tools for top social media platforms by connecting your social media accounts under one
dashboard. Take your social media presence to the next level by connecting your social media accounts. Simple photo editing tool
and social media scheduling are great for social media users and marketers, saving both time and money!

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida July 1, 2020 –
Wallzoe, Inc. announced today the immediate availability of Wallzoe® version 2.1.1.

Announcing the availability of Wallzoe, a user friendly, web based social media content posting tool. Streamline posting to
Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, and Instagram from one convenient dashboard. The integrated basic photo editing tool with FaceTune
features conveniently provides photo editing capabilities before posting.

Do you need structure for social media account management?

• Use Wallzoe social media calendar, the process of what to post and when to post is automated and streamlined
• Streamline the posting process
• Wallzoe is simple to use and easy to get started. Configure your login for social media accounts and you’re up and running
• Support growth by adding more users
• Optimize posts by posting in real time or use advance scheduling tools

Marisa Harrington, chief software architect, explained her priorities as the lead developer:

“I wanted to create a product to consolidate the effort of social media posting for multiple networks for users. Our user-friendly
tools offer structure to the posting process. Our simple yet powerful photo editing tool saves users both time and money by allowing
the ability to immediately post an edited photo to a social media post, within the same software. Organizations must react swiftly to
efficiently manage their online presence to be relevant. Wallzoe provides the tools for the team to build a commanding and current
online presence and help your organization build a better brand.”

• Build a better brand ™ with Wallzoe.